Roboxes is a project that encapsulates Packer templates for building base boxes suitable for use with Vagrant, Docker, or as generic open virtualization appliances. A subset of the templates are built and available from the Vagrant Cloud.

Operating Systems

Alma Alpine Arch CentOS Debian Devuan Debian Fedora FreeBSD Gentoo HardenedBSD NetBSD OpenBSD OpenSUSE Oracle Red Hat Rocky Ubuntu


Hyper-V Libvirt Parallels Virtualbox VMWare


Docker Vagrant


Using Public Boxes

Add a generic box to Vagrant:

$ vagrant box add generic/NAME

Using a generic box in a Vagrantfile:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "generic/NAME"

Replace NAME with the approriate operating system identifier from the list of boxes above.

Bugs and Other Issues

Please use Github to report bugs, and submit improvements.